It's time for Ernest to put ink on paper...

We are delighted to introduce you to the Ernest Journal Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our first print edition, which comes out in early June.

We launched the Ernest blog in November last year and followed this up with our first iPad app in March. We are now ready to put ink on paper and we need your support to turn Ernest into a thoughtfully-crafted, tactile, sniffable, printed magazine: that’s 160 pages of slow adventure, curious histories, timeless style, wild food and workmanship, in a handy satchel-sized journal that’s ready to be well-thumbed and carried with you on adventures. 

To get involved, please check out our Kickstarter page, share it with friends and consider our awesome rewards below. The limited edition Czech bread bags are proving especially popular, so grab one now if you’d like a satchel to keep your first copy of Ernest safe on your adventures this summer.

Here's a furtive glance inside issue one of the print edition...

Pledge today to reserve one of these awesome rewards... 

Issue one £10

A chance to get your mitts on the first print edition before anyone else. Plus a personalised thank you letter from our grateful editor.

Sea monster bundle £40

Issue one of the print edition plus three A4 prints depicting monsters of the northern seas by super talented illustrator Dan Bright.

Bread bag £60, Bergen bag £100

An original Czech bread bag or a Bergen backpack, repurposed with a tweed panel and a woodcut and letterpressed lining printed with bicycles, bees or British birds. Plus issue one of the print edition and a thank you letter.

Wild day out £135

Embark on a wild day out with Hunter Gather Cook and the Ernest team in Sussex. Master basic butchery, forage for ingredients for a wild banquet, learn how to smoke your food and wind off the day with a wild brewing workshop and stories around the fire. Plus issue one.

Sponsorship bundle £750

Rather than filling the issue with adverts, we've chosen to work with three like-minded companies as sponsors. We will open with a thank you and your logo, then design a double page spread with 150 words to introduce your company.