A furtive glance inside print issue one...

After six months of work, print issue one is finally ready to meet the world. Here's a brief insight into some of the wonders within our first satchel-sized 160-page journal.

Print Issue 1
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  • Awaken the monsters of our northern seas
  • Enter the world of Serbian super-scientist Nikola Tesla
  • Meet a fourth generation crafter of bespoke shoes and bootmaker to the future king
  • Delve into the stories behind traditional panel beating tools
  • Follow Alastair Humphreys' expedition across the heart of Iceland
  • Travel to a remote island in the Outer Hebrides where a traditional coastal way of life is fast disappearing
  • Join the slow coffee movement
  • Create a wild banquet of freshly-caught, cured and smoked trout
  • Peep inside a glass etcher’s workshop
  • Explore Britain’s only tea plantation
  • Seek out hot spas in the Westfjords
  • Discover an Icelandic plane crash site being reclaimed by nature
  • Learn the history of Swiss, Czech and Norwegian backpacks
  • Meet the West Country brewers experimenting with wild yeasts and oak seasoned barrels


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Thank you to everyone who has pledged so far and all of our wonderful contributors who have written, photographed, drawn and adventured on our behalf!