Inside issue one: replica bird egg maker

Introducing Tony Ladd: replica egg maker, Victorian collection fancier, legendary catfish of Ditchling catcher...

As Ernest Journal (the iPad edition) nears completion, we thought we'd share a few morsels from inside issue one. 

Tony Ladd’s love of natural history is rooted in summers spent on his grandfather’s farm in Ditchling, West Sussex. It was here that he learnt to fish (ever fearful of the monstrous catfish that had outgrown the lake behind the house), shot tin cans with his brothers and was awed by his granddad's knowledge of plant lore. 

Today, he channels his passion for natural history by creating remarkable replica eggs, each clutch meticulously researched from the originals hidden in the depths of natural history museums, then turned by hand on a lathe, set in a silicone mould, sanded, painted and presented in a framed case. Beautiful. 

We hope you enjoy our teaser video. For the full story, check out issue one, out early March. Sign up to our newsletter for updates and follow us on Vimeo for more of the same.

Photos: Jesse Wild; Video editing: Jonny Clooney.