A saddle bag fit for Ernest

What's this? Harris Tweed? Fashioned into a splendid saddle bag? Hold us back, dear readers, hold us back...

Ernest Saddle Bag , £128, Walker Slater 

Ernest Saddle Bag, £128, Walker Slater 

Created by tailors Walker Slater, this herringbone Harris Tweed saddle bag makes a beautifully classic accessory for any foraging trip, mini adventure or jaunt into town. For those of you that don't know, herringbone is the iconic v-shaped pattern we've all come to adore about Harris Tweed. The bag attaches to your bike and can also be carried as a shoulder-bag, making it perfect for trips to the fields in search of mushrooms or for carrying home that spur-of-the-moment market purchase or even just for getting your sandwiches to work unscathed. Useful and stylish it most definitely is, but when you also consider the artisan craftsmanship of the tweed that makes this bag, it becomes a whole lot more special.

Harris Tweed has a proud history, woven and dyed by hand in the Outer Hebrides since 1910 and made from 100% pure virgin wool, it is the only fabric in the world to have its own Act of Parliament. The act protects the skilled artisans and historical production process by ensuring that the Harris Orb used to brand the fabric only applies to tweed that has been dyed, spun and hand-woven on these Scottish islands according to Harris standards. By making the most of this classic tweed and contrasting it with leather and canvas trimming, Walker Slater have fashioned a timeless and elegant bag for any adventurer. We at Ernest Journal love it (and not just for the namesake).

Ernest Saddle Bag, £128, Walker Slater.