Whittle a fire stick

Not a fair weather camper? Us neither. Dan Scott of Fore Adventure shares a simple little technique for getting your winter campfire blazing

Image: Justin Glynn

Image: Justin Glynn

A feather stick is a cracking way to kindle your winter campfires with minimal effort – and without cheating and using firelighters. The technique even works with slightly damp wood, as it lets the sparks get to the dry wood inside.

Take a long, thin piece of wood and simply whittle down the stick, with your knife at an angle so you cut tiny strips into the wood, leaving them attached so you get a feather effect. Focus on the end of the stick – you don’t need to whittle along the whole length of wood. Make several sticks, pile them up and throw in a spark to get your fire blazing.

Dan Scott is an outdoor adventure coach and guide at Fore Adventure on the Dorset coast. You can ready his inspiring guide to seashore foraging in print issue 2 of Ernest Journal, on sale now.