Christmas Gift Guide: men's accessories

Knitted ties, tweed hip flasks and phone cases made from discarded wellies – these aren't just men's accessories. These are men's accessories curated by Ernest.

Instrmnt watch 01-A GM/T, £160, Instrmnt

There’s a lot to be said for things that concentrate on doing the things they are supposed to do, and doing them well. These watches are the result of clever chaps in Glasgow.They’ve paired quality Swiss components with simple, utilitarian design to produce a timepiece that will look attractive and tell you the date and time, nothing more, no bells and whistles.


Knitted tie, £45, Sharp & Dapper

Add a bit of texture to your or a loved one's ensemble with one of these 100% silk knitted ties, available in a wide range of colours but we find this burnt orange beauty particularly fetching. Imagine this against a crisp white shirt and a dark purple suit. Yes, sir. 


Phone case, £42, Francli

We do harp on a bit about Francli but there's a reason why. As part of their Fresh Fields Project, they turn wellies, tents and other perfectly good items left behind at festivals into gorgeous products, including this phone case, which led its former life as a wellington boot. The neck cord is made from tent guy rope. Give this little beauty a new home, and pray the previous owner didn't have athlete's foot. 


Tweed hip flask, £28, Walker Slater

Continuing the tweed theme (because Ernest likes a bit of tweed) we've chosen this charming little hip flask to keep your warming nip in on winter walks. The stainless steel flask is wrapped in Borders tweed and trimmed with dark red leather. *Warning: if you dare attempt to put a cheap whisky in this flask it will disintegrate.
*not really


Pocket square, £35, Cravat Club

We're of course enamoured with Cravat Club's signature cravats but we're positively salivating over their beautiful 100% silk pocket squares woven and made in England. There is a huge range of sumptuous patterns to choose from but it was Nicholas that caught Ernest's eye with its pine green and teal paisley pattern. Mix and match with a cravat and you're good to go.


Herringbone Tweed braces, £70, Sharp & Dapper

Sharp & Dapper are at it again, winning us over with their sartorial know-how. According to them, "A good quality brace is a staple product for your wardrobe as they are truly the best of keeping your trousers from falling down. Belts are nice but tend to clinch the trousers, whereas braces will let them hang off your hips just as the suit maker intended." Who are we to argue? The tweed is woven in Yorkshire and trimmed with black or chestnut leather. 

You can find more sartorial inspiration in our Timeless Style section of print issue 2 of Ernest Journal, on sale now.