A fine winter coating

We've curated this selection of British-made outerwear that will have you cackling in the face of our unpredictable weather. Rain? Wind? Herring? Have it, you!

1. One Nine Zero Six Ventile Parka, £199

This waterproof drawstring parka (very much of of the flashing ilk) is made of Ventile – a 100% cotton material invented in the 1940s for pilots' flying suits. It's durable, breathable and lots of other words that end in 'able'. 

2. BEE Autumn Stroller Jacket, £340

Designed with the changeable autumn weather in mind, this navy and yellow jacket (always a winning colour combo for Ernest) comes with a removable storm cape and wind shield collar. All coats should come with a storm cape, right?

3. BEE Duffle Coat, £360

We love BEE Clothing's spin on the duffle coat, weaving in all the classic essentials such as the large front pockets, horn buttons and roomy hood but finishing it off with a snazzy printed shoulder yoke rather reminiscent of father's pyjamas.

4. BEE Signature Jacket, £300

There are multiple reasons why we keep harping on about this awesome jacket. It's water repellant, it's reversible, it's warm and just look at that colour! So orange it hurts the eye, but in a good way. With this coat you'll be ready and armed for whatever the weather throws at you.

5. Percival Eiger Jacket, £109

This versatile jacket from London clothier Percival caught our eye for its distinctive beeswaxed cotton panelling, horn buttons, removable hood (also lined with waxed cotton so rain runs off) and its fetching bunting patterned inner lining. Even Ernest likes a bit of bunting.  

6. Lavenham Hundon Worker Jacket, £99

When Lavenham aren't making quilted horse rugs and waistcoats they craft these classic country jackets too, in quilted diamond cord. Perfect for walking the dog on a frosty morning, leaves crunching underfoot, thinking "I fancy a spot of grouse for lunch, what what."

We chose this selection of coats from our Directory member Made In These Isles, an online store that sources and showcases the finest products that have been designed, crafted and manufactured in the British Isles. If you would like to join our directory, email advertise@ernestjournal.co.uk.