The watch that slows down time

The Slow Jo watch promises to help you value time, measure the moment rather than each minute and focus on the important things in life.

Who knew that trees had wrists?

Who knew that trees had wrists?

Time – our relationship with it and ability (or inability) to manipulate it – has frustrated, baffled and motivated us for millennia. Now four friends have invented a watch that, they hope, will change the way we measure time. Instead of three hands for hours, minutes and seconds, the Slow Jo watch has one single hand that rotates once every 24 hours, allowing you to see the progress of the entire day at a glance. It's your "long lasting companion on your journey in hectic modern times," they say – a trusty sidekick that will help you focus your time on what you really love to do. Genius or wishful thinking? We caught up with founders Corvin and Chris to ask how they hope a watch can help us recapture the mindset of slow...

So you're hoping to shift the way people view time?

We realised that so many people around us feel as if they are in a hamster wheel. The are highly distracted and don't live their lives in the way they want to. Obviously at lot of this as to do with the right mind-set and it all starts in your head. That's why we created a reminder that helps you to stay on track and focus on the important things in life. 

A watch is just the perfect symbol for that. It embodies time and the one hand 24 hour concept automatically makes you stop chasing the minutes.

How did the idea originate?

The idea was really born based on our own experiences and living situations. We also did not live the way we wanted. So we created a product for us; with a story that means a lot to us personally.

Why is it important to slow down?

If you are rushing through life you simply don't value time. Life is just passing by and you aren't really aware. We think with should appreciate time again as it is the most important and determined thing we have in life.

What effect do you hope the watch will have on the wearer's day?

We've received fantastic feedback from many customers already – not only that they love the watch as a beautiful object, but also that it really supports them as a reminder to be more slow. The 24 hours concept also helps them to regain a natural feeling for time. Now time is not just numbers for them. They get a sense for the hand progressing smoothly throughout their day.

As a new start up, how are you managing to keep your own lifestyle slow while launching a new project?

Slow does not mean that you can't work a lot and that you actually have be slow (in terms of speed). It's much more about deciding how you want to spend your time – owning it – and enjoying everything you do. That's certainly what we are doing right now. We love building this brand and inspiring the people around us. But of course it's a lot of work!



Slow Jo

24 Hour One Hand Watch (brown leather, silver case, cream dial)