When Millican encountered Fuji

These camera bags are flying off the shelves, people.

You’ve got to love a company that named themselves after a cave-dwelling hermit. Millican Dalton swapped life in the big city in 1905 for a Borrowdale cave, where he made his own clothes, foraged for food and slept by a campfire. It’s his sustainable, back-to-basics ethos and passion for nature that inspire the Lake District-based makers Millican in the design of their bags, and is perhaps one of the reasons why Fuji chose Millican to create a quality, understated and functional bag for their X-series digital cameras.

Meet Robert – a great camera bag for travel use. It’s made from organic cotton weather-proof canvas, and has multiple pockets for boarding pass, passport, notebook and iPad storage, and a removable felt protector.

robert bag.jpg
2013-10-01 - 093.jpg

And here’s Christopher – this larger bag holds the X-Pro1, X-M1 and X-E1, plus two spare lenses, memory cards and a spare battery.

2013-10-01 - 008.jpg
christopher bag.jpg

Robert, £99

Christopher, £199