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Tell us about Artisans – what do you make?

We specialise in making custom stamps for use with leather, but also offer laser engraving and cutting of leather, wood and acrylics. Artisans can supply the leather, cut, engrave and stamp it, but we also stock our own specialist arbor presses so you can do it yourself.

We use a combination of ancient and modern technology, such as a 100-year-old fly press and the latest Co2 laser and a flat bed UV printer with inks formulated specially for leather. Oh and we've just bought a hot foil press to play with!

Who do you work with?

A huge variety of craftspeople and creative artists: leather crafters, designers, architects, wood turners – anyone who wants something different and creative in small quantities.

What is special about Artisans?

"Artisans was such a find for me and has helped my transition into leather goods. It's great knowing that they can put my ideas into practice."

"We have received the stamp and I am pleased to say it is awesome! We wanted to thank you for providing an excellent service."

We constantly receive lovely messages like this and have so many repeat customers because we care and aim for perfection with every job. If we can help our customers' businesses grow then we grow with them.

What inspires you?

It is so satisfying to play a part in the creation of something that is beautifully crafted by hand, using British materials.

We also get many interesting challenges: we were recently tasked with transforming a beautifully cast white resin jaguar skull with luminous fangs and Formula 1 racing car parts to make it look like ancient rusty metal. It arrived on a Tuesday morning and needed delivering to the Performance Car Show at the NEC on the Thursday – less than two days to achieve a real vintage rust inside and out. It was a project for an amazing FI artist called Paul Oz and we not only met the deadline but the stand won Best of Show!

Every job is different and there's never a dull moment as we explore old and new ways of helping other artisans.