Alice Made This

Tell us a bit about Alice Made This.

Alice Made This was founded with a clear and precise intention: to refine industry. We use British industrial engineering methods to create clean and honest accessories. 

When Alice and Ed were searching for cufflinks for their wedding, they realised that there was a need to develop something fresh. They uncovered a desire for a precise and refined product.

Alice Made This was founded to design clean and renewed objects of desire, with cufflinks as our foundation.

Our products are driven by the human elements and processes behind industrial manufacturing, machines and materials in Britain. This approach has seen us expand from cufflinks to a full collection of British made accessories.

Give us a taster of the products you make.

We are best known for our cufflinks and lapel pins, available in both rope work and metal designs, however we are expanding our accessories collection to include belts and bracelets soon. All our products are made in Britain.

We believe that less is more so you can always be sure that our designs will be clean and our materials will be honest. Design, process and a simple aesthetic run through everything we do. 

Tell us about some of your unique manufacturing processes.

We currently work with seven British factories from all over the UK using manufacturing techniques that aren’t normally associated with fashion. Our first process was an Aerospace process that works with a precision turned metal technique that is usually used to produce airplane parts. We then expanded to include a nanotechnology electroplating process and a Marine process, which works with expert rope makers in Malvern. Each of our Marine pieces are hand knotted from 2.7m of kite surfing cord. 

Our Formula One process uses engineered ceramics that are stronger than steel and, for our Royal Household collection, we work with a casting house in Hatton Garden that holds a Royal warrant and completed all the repair works on Windsor Castle after the fire. Our newest Military collections see us working with Hand & Lock, an Atelier in the heart of London who dates back further than the Battle of Waterloo, and Firmin & Sons, one of the last working military armouries in the world. We always start our design process by visiting a factory.

What's important to you and what inspires you?

Inspired by architecture and geometry, a passion and respect for British factories lies at our core. Whether it’s our Aerospace part manufacturer or our Military armoury, we have close relationships with all our factories and design honest products stemming directly from their expert techniques. Our factories inspire us, our materials inspire us and the architecture that surrounds us here in London, as well as its rich history, inspire us too. We never know which factory or process we will discover and work with next! 

Anything else you'd like to tell us?

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